Monday, 13 August 2018

What's in your lunchbox?

This term, our school theme is Move Ya Body! We are learning how to live a healthy life. 
Walking to school, playing games and sports outside with friends, drinking lots of water, brushing our teeth and getting plenty of sleep are some of the ways we can be healthy.

Healthy eating is another way we can live a healthy life! 
Here are some of our lunchbox stars from this term...


  1. hello room 21 i like the healthy lunches you guys brought for lunch
    from aye myat the block and jeyda the block and vienna the block and hinemoa the block

    1. We had so many lunchbox heroes this week. Well done team 3!

    2. hi that helthey lunch is yummy i wish i had some

  2. YO Room 21 "Coughs" I mean Hi room 21 I really love the way you try to eat healthy "Coughs" sorry room 21 I'm not trying to say your fat but you guys are trying your-best to be healthy I am to,SO LETS CHANGE THIS JUNK WORLD AND CHANGE IT TO A HEALTHY WORLD.

    Kind regards Charis,

    BLog ya later RM 21