Monday, 19 September 2022

Team 3 Fun Day

Last week, we had our team 3 Fun Day. 

We got to wear pyjamas to school and we watched a movie in the hall. We brought along our  blankets, pillows and bean bags. We were very comfy! We also danced, painted Tītī tōrea and finished the day off with karaoke. 

It was an awesome day!


Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Makey Makey coding

Can you believe that we created DJ music, played pianos and played Pacman using bananas, vegetables, playdough and metal spoons?

Team 3 learnt all about coding in term 2. A really fun way to learn how to code is through...Makey Makey! We created all sorts of awesome sounds and played fun games.  Makey Makey works with anything that is able to conduct electricity..  so not only was it a coding lesson, but also a science lesson!

Thank you Miss West for letting us borrow the awesome Makey Makey kits. Team 3 can't wait to have fun with them again.

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Lego Movies

Last term, team 3 made awesome lego movies with Miss West at Creative Space. 

We learnt so much about photography techniques and had so much fun creating photo stories. Here are a few of the movies from room 21. 




Monday, 20 September 2021

Whurutu: Fruit in te reo Maori with Dayton

Last week Dayton made another awesome video for Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori - Maori language week.

Here is Dayton teaching us how to say different types of fruit. 

Thursday, 16 September 2021

Mia's waiata

Here is a video of Mia singing Tai Aroha for Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori.
Wonderful singing Mia!

Here are some beautiful photos that Mia shared last week for Tongan language week wearing her beautiful ta'ovala:

Te Reo Maori with Dayton

It is Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori... Maori language week!

This is Dayton.. or shall we call him Mr Dayton, our Te Reo Maori teacher this week!

Here are some awesome videos that Dayton has made to teach us some Maori language.

Tino pai Dayton! Here is his blog if you would like to leave a kind comment.




Friday, 3 September 2021

Jump Jam Friday with Dayton and Alazye

Come join us and have fun Friday Jump Jam during lockdown.
Enjoy, Stay safe, Be kind.
-Dayton and Alazye