Sunday, 30 July 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy

Miss Scanlan & Mr Goodwin are ready to fight the aliens 

Welcome to term 3! This term, our school theme is Guardians of the Galaxy. I am so excited for this term because we will be learning all about space! 

Team 4 is going to learn about the key elements that humans need for survival. What would happen if we could no longer survive on planet Earth? We would have to search for a new planet to live on! Perhaps Mars?

On Wednesday, team 4 had an awesome Space Day! Our classroom turned into a Mission Control room and everyone visited different teachers to have the full space experience. 

We tried space food, went to a Space Bootcamp and watched some pretty cool space videos!

Making space sandwiches!

Eating 'floating' space food

Teachers in their space suits


  1. Dear Mrs Scanlan and Mr Goodwin you's guy look cool in yours masks.

    1. Thank you Madison! It was such a fun day wasn't it?