Monday, 6 April 2020

The Magic Of Washing Your Hands

A couple of days before school closed because of Coronavirus, we made this super cool video to show you why it's important to wash your hands. Masen and Alivia also share some great tips!

We hope that you are all staying safe and happy at home during the New Zealand lockdown.
Keep being kind to each other, wash your hands properly and stay home so that you can stay well.


  1. Great Movie Room 22 I especially loved the enthusiastic hand washing to help keep us safe during lockdown. Thanks for sharing your talents.
    From Mrs Forbes

  2. What an awesome movie. You had lots of fantastic, important tips for us to remind us how to stay safe. Alivia and Mason your acting was AMAZING. I loved watching it. It was so entertaining and it definitely made me smile. Great job.

  3. Hi Miss Scanlan and Room 22!! What an awesome way to kick start PENN for the term your movie was spot on for what we need to be doing everyday especially during this time! Thank you for your awesome movie, Well done Alivia and Mason you really know how to captivate an audience with your amazing acting skills! love it! love! love it! #staySAFE

  4. Hi Miss Scanlan and Rm 22,
    I loved watching your very informative video about the importance of washing your hands. You had some really great tips!
    Thank you for sharing Alivia and Masen, you are both talented actors. Take care and stay safe during the lockdown.
    Arohanui from Mrs Carter.