Monday, 26 September 2016

Leilani's holiday plans

In the holidays I am going to the Gold Coast for my sister's birthday on a airplane.When we are there me and my family are going to theme parks named Movie world, Dream world, Sea world and Wet'n'wild which is going to be fantastic.We are going to be going there  on the 27th of September and that is a short time until we go.

When we are there I want to go on lots of rides and try out new things over there.I will also like to take photos and swim all day.I want to have wonderful sleeps so that I can get pro sleep.Also when it is my sister birthday night I am going to try to eat food I have not tried before. When we come back me and my family are probably going to be really tired and when I come back to Auckland I will be talking about it all the time. My photo is the Sea World park.